Girl Scout Cookie Season

My life has essentially been put in hold for the next 40 days. It’s Girl Scout cookie season and with 2 daughters who are Scouts whose troops I happen to lead, well, let’s just say my weekends are spoken for. We will spend time in 30 degree (or colder) temperatures outside Walmart (thanks NLRB) enticing people to buy these limited time, yummy cookies.

Before Maggie was old enough to be a Girl Scout, we joked about “forcing” her to join so we could easily get our cookie fix. At our first parent teacher conference for Maggie, her teacher agreed that Girl Scouts would be good for her. We are now on Year 6 of Girl Scouts for Maggie (and 2 official years for Jessie). I’ve been leading Maggie’s troop since we moved to Brookings and Jessie’s since she was able to join.

I have loved watching how Girl Scouts has helped Maggie grow. She is a quiet, introverted girl but looks so at ease in front of a group of younger Girl Scouts and their parents telling them about the cookies we are selling this year (with her friends of course). She introduces herself when we go door to door and encourages her little sister to do the same. Jessie has the advantage to let her sister take the lead!

Girl Scouts is still the amazing organization I remember from when I was a girl. I’ve had a lot of fun leading the troops, working with the girls to do things they want to do, and some they don’t. But we always learn something.

Cookie sales has 5 goals for the girls: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics. The first 4 are easy. We talk about goals and what we want to do with out money. This year we decided what we wanted to do with out money and THEN set our goals based off of that. Maggie and her troop are finally at the age where they are comfortable handling money and can make change (with some help). I’m hoping to spend some time on Business Ethics next year. Most of the cookie badges have it as a part of the process but I think the girls are at an age where it will be important to talk about it at length.

Both girls will bridge next year so both troops votes to use cookie money to buy new uniforms. Jessie’s troop also voted for a sleepover at the Children’s Museum and Maggie’s troop want to go “glamping” (or camping where there are real toilets!)
You can support the girls by ordering or donating online. Donated boxes go to veterans in South Dakota. Jessie’s site and Maggie’s site are live now.

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