Give it Away

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. Lent was generally observed when I grew up with Wednesday services but I never really thought about it. We might give up something but beyond that, I don’t know that I understood why.

My Lent observances have varied over the years. My favorite observance was when our Billings church went through Adam Hamilton’s 24 Hours that Changed the World. We spent all of Lent on the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life. It was a fascinating exercise and I learned a lot. And really enjoyed the Passover feast our small group had at the end (even if I couldn’t enjoy the wine as I was pregnant with Jessica).

Since moving to Brookings, we haven’t gotten active in a church yet. I miss having that church family. We have started regularly attending a church, but building relationships takes time.

So here we are at Lent. I wanted to do something, give up something this year, but wine, sugar, meat, been there done that. Then I saw on Facebook or Twitter that someone was going to give one thing away each day. I like that idea. Giving up STUFF. We have WAY too much stuff. Less clutter, clearer mind, right?

I gave each girl and myself a large plastic bag and each day we will put one thing in the bag [Rocky will probably do it last minute]. By the end of Lent, we should have 120+ less things in our house! I really hope this works!

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