#NotatSHRM17 Twitter Happy Hour

On Friday, as those of us who are #NotatSHRM were watching those going to SHRM posting their travel ideas, my friend Jon & I got the idea that we needed an interwebz happy hour. And what better time to host than Sunday evening while those at SHRM were enjoying the Expo.

We put the call out to the Not at SHRM Facebook group and Jon did a fantastic job with Twitter reminders. My insecurities spoke up a couple of times wondering if it would be just Jon & me, but when the time came, we had a small but mighty group of HR Pros talking about what we were drinking, what conferences we’ve been to in the past, other learning opportunities this year, & what we missed most about not being at the conference (food for sure!) We started talking SHRM18. 

The happy hour flew by! I’ve got a few new people to follow and find at upcoming conferences (hello SHRM leadership conference this fall!). I have a couple I want to reach out to later to talk about how BAHRA can be a resource to college students. The thing I feel like I’m missing most about not being at SHRM17 is fading. I’ve made contacts. IRL is awesome but these connections are just as real. And become stronger the more we reach out & share.

2 thoughts on “#NotatSHRM17 Twitter Happy Hour

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