#NotAtSHRM17 Networking from Afar

SHRM17 has come to an end, but not for those of us who were #NotatSHRM17! Our step challenge continues through Saturday, which is awesome for this desk jockey! Sad that it is a challenge for me to get 10,000 steps in each day, but I’m loving the encouragement to get out from behind the screen.

I knew that networking & meeting my Twitter friends was going to be the biggest regret of not attending #SHRM17. So I was super excited when Jessica Merrell set up a Not At SHRM group on Facebook. Her team did a fantastic job of giving us some videos of the expo hall and some sessions. They answered questions & as they were part of the SHRM Blogging Team were able to give us “inside info.”

We also started using the hashtag #notatSHRM17 when tweeting with those attending as a not-so-subtle reminder to keep the tweets coming. And wow! It was so much fun to watch the conference from my desk and iPhone. It was sometimes hard to tell who was there and who wasn’t, until the evening party pictures! You could *kinda* tell who was drinking from home …IMG_2899[1]

We even fooled some of the vendors as my #walkingbuddy4life Jon started getting DMs from vendors asking him to stop by their booth during the Expo!

My main take away from SHRM this year? The true power of Social Media! Team Watts Next had an awesome #Take10 session (that was also shared on Facebook Live) and covered best the power of social media. They talked about how they have used social media to bring their employees together, but didn’t realize until they attended SHRM16 how large their reach had become. Social media has made the world a smaller place. And I love that!

And even better, social media becomes the “gateway drug” for in real life connections! I’ve written about my experience and this year I got to watch friends make IRL connections through social media! Kate, Tamara, Jazmine all took advantage of this to seek out people they knew on Twitter & get that face to face connection made. Tamara & I have plans to meet up in DC for the SHRM Volunteer Leader summit. The connections just keep coming.

I do have tentative plans to attend SHRM18 in Chicago. I’m hoping I can pay some of this goodness back! I’ve already mentioned in the Not at SHRM group that I’d love to help with that group. And I’m trying to figure out how to join the elusive group of SHRM bloggers — which means I need to write more, which is probably the best motivation I have for continuing to work on this blog! [Plus it helps me work through some DisruptHR talk ideas I have …]

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