#DisruptHRBrookings: the day after train of thoughts

DisruptHR Brookings was last night. I spent most of the night telling people I was: overwhelmed, proud, humbled, blown away. We had 102 people check in. That did not include the 11 speakers and 6 committee members. The room was set up for 100. People were standing in the cocktail area watching the talks. Not much food was left when we took a break. Not much was left from our give away table. We both decided against & for walk in music (for won & I hung out looking up the YouTube videos and getting them cued up — totally worth it by the way. Though I wish I had some head phones so I could have cued them up a little better & next time I’ll fade in & out rather than just a cold cut off).

Immediate feedback was great. People loved our speakers — and all did a great job. They loved the venue and having everything in the same place. Brookings folks still aren’t big on social media, so it was mostly the committee on social media — but our speakers did a good job of sharing that evening and today.

Still to do? Put together some surveys for feedback. A couple of vendors said they didn’t feel like they talked to a lot of people. Put the ask out to share pictures of the evening.

Our videographers agreed to have our videos done in 4 weeks so there’s some hurry up & wait.

An old friend who lives in Rapid City was there. She’s in the committee for the state SHRM conference next spring so we chatted a bit about how they might be able to make DisruptHR the Wednesday evening event. Hold it at a different location, be sure to invite others and why not?

I’ve heard from a lot of people today. One local HR leader said:

It’s not often HR professionals can get together to network and share our experiences in an informal way. This event was a nice surprise. It was clear the team put a lot of work into planning this event as the speakers were all well-prepared and delivered great nuggets of information. The setting was awesome and the time for networking was much appreciated.

That pretty much sums it up! I have lots more thoughts but bottom line is I cannot wait to do this again!!

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