Right People, Right Seats

As I talked about in a previous post, the leadership team took some time away to talk about our business. At that meeting, our consultant (the awesome John Fulwider) gifted each of us a copy of How to Be a Great Boss by Gino Wickman. The book is a really deep dive into one chapter of Traction, but a good dive.

Once again, I was struck by the importance of right people in the right seats. I don’t think we take enough time here. We, HR, are working to fill a position, keep our time to fill low, so we can keep our numbers where we want them. But are we taking the time to work with the hiring manager to be sure we are getting them the right person? And are we helping them to decide if they really need this role?right-people-in-the-right-seats-julia-langkraehr-19-638

I’ve gotten a lot of push back for these questions. Of course we need this person, we just need someone here. These positions are easy to fill, so if they leave, why do we care? Depends who is accountable for the turnover number, right? The second step to keeping someone is to put the right person there. The first step is to be sure it’s the right seat.

So many times, we don’t stop to take a moment to ask why this position is needed. Are we working off a metric that we need so many people in these types of roles by square footage to care for the place? Do you, the HR person, have those metrics? Do you understand them? Have you talked with the hiring manager or are you letting them dictate to you? Do you understand what the hiring manager is looking for? Do they?

As the HR professional, you are responsible for filling that seat, so you are responsible to be sure it is the right seat! So let’s get it right the first time. There are a few steps, which I think now will need to be shared in a couple of posts (going to take a page from my friend Jazmine with the multiple posts on a topic – but seriously check out her blog, it’s awesome), but here’s your introduction.

The 3 steps to finding that perfect candidate?

  1. Write the correct job description
  2. Write the ad that gives a clear picture of the job & company
  3. Ask the questions that will help both you & the candidate decide

So there you have it. 3 easy steps. I’ll explore each of these in more details in coming posts (I promise they will come quickly). So watch for the next post on Building the Right Seat.

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