#HRSocialHour Joiners

It was interesting that my friend Mary wrote this blog post about the same time Jon & I were discussing my idea for our next talk. The idea came to me as I’m starting to think about my upcoming role as President of our local SHRM group, BAHRA.

For a long time, I wasn’t sure I felt qualified to even belong to a local SHRM or other HR group. Not that I ever did any research into it, but it always felt like something for “someone else.” I also felt like you needed to be invited into the group. So, I waited for my invitation. In Montana, I did become active in the local HR for Healthcare Professionals (MSHHRA) [by invitation] and attended local SHRM meetings, but mostly for my PHR credits — isn’t that how a lot of us got started in it? I still didn’t feel qualified to do more in the local SHRM.

In our move to Brookings & when it looked like I might stay home for awhile, I decided I at least needed to attend the local meetings to help me find a job, connect with other HR professionals and get out of the house. The local group wasn’t perfect, it took a while for me to find my niche. But I’m glad that I did. I stepped out, out of my comfort zone, got involved and have met some really great people. People I now call friends. Slowly, this is moving to wanting to be more active at the state level – maybe even nationally?

But for now, my commitment is at the local level. I want to make things easier for our volunteers so they will stay involved. So I find myself reaching out to others, in other SD local groups, the SD state group and those across the country. We are all dealing with the same issues. I think we need to be sure we are all connected – this is an awesome network, beyond the #HRTribe, #nextchat, #HRHour, #jobhunt and all the other awesome chats that go on. There are so many awesome ways for us to connect and these local groups are fantastic way to find people in your own backyard.

But I digress. Jon and I think this is a great opportunity to learn who in our network is involved and how we can share information on engaging our members. So join us on October 22, 7-8 pm ET. Here are the questions for you to think about …

  1. Where are you joining us from tonight & what’s in your glass? #HRSocialHour
  2. Are you involved in your local @SHRM or an industry specific #HR group? Why or why not? #HRSocialHour
  3. What value have you found in the groups in which you participate? #HRSocialHour
  4. How do the groups you’re involved in engage potential new members/younger #HR pros? What works/what doesn’t? #HRSocialHour
  5. How do the groups you’re involved in keeping seasoned #HR pros engaged? What works/what doesn’t? #HRSocialHour
  6. Are there any groups you’re considering checking out in the next 30/60/90 days? What’s the draw? #HRSocialHour

See you there!

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