#PersonalBrand: My Calling

Last night as I was driving home from work, I tuned the radio to the Christian music station [don’t judge me]. The DJ mentioned that it was Billy Graham’s 99th birthday – which wow, right? The DJ blabbed on (I really hate radio, but it’s a short drive & I hate silence more) with a story about Graham’s calling and how during his time at Bob Jones College, he was “warned” about leaving the college to attend a smaller Florida based Bible College (though if he was truly doing poorly, why would Bob Jones care?). Anyway, the DJ turned the story into telling his listeners that sometimes the World will look at our Calling as if it is crazy, but sometimes, we NEED to be a little bit crazy when we listen to God calling us.

Over the weekend [bear with me, 2 stories then I’ll get to the point], Rocky and I joined a church here in Brookings. As we all went around telling our stories, we both noticed that the pastoral staff had two similarities in their stories: 1. They all had family members who were part of a pastoral staff and 2. Growing up, they had no plans to join the ministry. All 3 talked about their “Call.”

Those of us not in the ministry tend to think of a Call as something that only happens in ministry. It doesn’t happen to Lay People. Or does it? I’ve been thinking about this a bit since starting this blog, since stepping out, stepping up to take more, better control over my career. I’ve been that good Gen Xer waiting my turn, waiting for someone, anyone to retire so I could move up. You know, that traditional career path. And as I was listening to that radio DJ, I started thinking, almost remembering that a call is not just for the clergy, that God can and does call all of us to something. To be useful to Him. We can’t all be ministers. Someone needs to sew clothing, deliver food to grocery stores, be the HR person and write about it.

But this is crazy right? I can’t make a living from this; this is just a hobby. I have to have a real job. Most of the world would call this crazy. I know I would. I’m not the entrepreneurial type. I need deadlines, direction. I get distracted by shiny things and squirrels. It’s okay as a hobby or a side hussel. I guess this is really just my way to telling God I’m open to where he leads. I don’t need a Plan B because he has brought me this far. I told him yes about 8 months before we moved here and it has definitely been a blessing for all of us. Sayin Yes to God is scary and awesome. Let’s do this!

One thought on “#PersonalBrand: My Calling

  1. Thanks Wendy. It’s so hard to figure out exactly where you’re being called. But just faithfully stepping out one step at a time… then later you look back and see how you’ve traveled! I’m really enjoying and being inspired by your openness in sharing your journey.


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