Day 2 of #SHRMVLS is a bit of a blur. Lots of great speakers, hanging with great folks. I wanted to do a quick recap of the 3 sessions I attended to share some of the great stuff from this conference.

Breakfast started with Karin Hurt giving her talk “Seven Ways to Turn Your Volunteers into Brand Ambassadors.” It was kind of nice to get the sneak peak on Thursday – and she invited Jen, Susan and I to sit up front with her and give our “movie trailer” idea first. I think we did okay!

  • “Everyone is a volunteer. Discretionary effort is always Volunteered.” We can’t forget that this is true even for our employees. They might think they *have* to show up, but at the end of the day, we are all showing up because we are volunteering to do so.
  • “You can get results that last and be a decent human being. You can be kind.” I’ve started using the word “kind” with my daughters. Nice is just not being mean. Kind implies some sort of effort, thinking about the other person.
  • And the 7 ways:
    • Be Connected.
    • Be the Brand.
    • Be Bold. What are your 3 MITs (Most Important Things). Focus on these 3 things, really nail them. Connect the What to Why and people will get it.
    • Be Buttoned Up. Speak the Truth, don’t sandwich the Stink. [This reminded me a lot of the DisruptHR talk titled “Stop Feeding Shit Sandwiches“]
    • Be Engaging. Try some Micro-Engagement – ask someone to do something small to get them started.
    • Be Open. Own the Ugly.
      • What are we Underestimating?
      • What’s gotta Go?
      • Where are we Losing?
      • Where are we missing the Yes?

I am really excited to dig into her (and her husband’s) book Winning Well. I expect I’ll be writing more as I get through it!


I did miss one round of sessions when I jumped in line to get Karin’s autograph in her book and then a new head shot (which turned into an opportunity for an environmental shoot later in the afternoon which was WAY too much fun & I cannot wait to see these shots!)

The next session I went to was one lead by other HR Chapter Leaders about Attracting New Members. I did get a chance to think about our recruitment tries and get a few ideas of new things to try. I might have more questions than answers or ideas, but at least it’s a place to start.

  • Research shows you need to invite/reach out to someone 8-10 (!!) times to get them to attend. You cannot be a one and done.
  • Email touch? People decide in TWO SECONDS whether or not to read an email solicitation.
    • Did you know that Tuesday at lunch time is the BEST time to send an email? It is much more likely to be read at that time.
    • Direct mail, aka Snail Mail, has 70% higher brand recall than a digital ad. Which means we really need to spend some dollars on something to mail or hand to our members or potential members.
  • Personal invitations – people want to be asked. And I heard this several times throughout the conference. People want to be invited in; they don’t want to have to ask to join.
  • Zoom is a FREE webinar/video conferencing site. How can we leverage this to share content across the state of South Dakota? [Karin also mentioned this option to Jen, Susan and me when we met with her, so we really want to try to use this tool.]
  • How can we create a better welcome experience for new or returning members?
  • Why should people choose us? How do we get non-HR professionals choose to partner with us?
    • I think my proposal to the BAHRA team will be: “If you have employees who report to you, You Belong with Us.”
  • Partnerships: we are working on this more as a state council, but there are lots of options for us in Brookings, especially the Chamber and their variety of groups. I am hoping to get one of our new board members in the At Large positions will be willing to take on the role of working with the Chamber to be sure our information gets to them and can be shared with their groups, websites and social sites.

There really wasn’t anything brought up that was earth-shattering, perfect idea, but a few good things that I think we need to try as both the state council and BAHRA.

The final session I attended was with Lee Rubin (and to be perfectly honest, I did have to run out of his session early for my environmental photo shoot, which was totally worth it, but sorry Lee.)

I absolutely loved his style. A day later, and as I look at my notes, I still remember. He had a great call-and-answer style that got us not only involved, but made it much easier to remember what he was sharing. The talk “5 Components of Extraordinary Teams” was straight to the point, with awesome talking points.

“Team exist because there is a challenge or opportunity that’s too big for one person to do alone.” The five components are “simple,” but if we master the simple things, everything else is a lot easier.

  1. Competitors. A competitor is an individual who LOVES to win and HATES to lose. It’s about passion – the most successful people are passionate. Passion drives action.
  2. Common Goal. Everyone is moving in the same direction. Everyone needs to be willing to make a Sacrifice. We need to win together so what sacrifice am I willing to make for the benefit of my team?
  3. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate (yes it is that important and yes there are still 2 more components). Every team has a culture, the unwritten rules about how we behave. This can restrict your ability to succeed. Open & honest communication is the ONLY way to build trust. Where there is no trust, there is no team. The most talented team doesn’t necessarily win, but the team with the most trust can take advantage of the talent available within the team and WILL succeed.
  4. Chemistry. Chemistry is about action, reaction and bonds. It’s not about the individual elements, but how they Bond. A catalyst is needed to form the bond and bonds are formed under Heat and Pressure. The same stuff that can tear a team apart can also create the bond – head & pressure [if the team has the other components of an extraordinary team.]
  5. Consistency (so this is where I had to leave, which I suppose just means I need to get his book …)

Life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to what happens. It is not a talent issue, it’s not a skills issue, it’s a maturity issue.

Thursday ended with lots of #HRTribe meet ups and some wine & cheese! I even got to spend time with the SoDak Team, which I love seeing the connections grow there, which makes us a much stronger council.IMG_5247[1]

Saturday’s breakdown will come out tomorrow. Lots of great take aways from #SHRMVLS

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