#SHRMVLS Final Day!

After a phenomenal “continental” breakfast (which included breakfast pizza & smoothies!), I was stuck deciding between Ignite – a DisruptHR type of session listing to other HR leaders like Steve Browne, John Baldino, Melissa DeVore, Rose Morales, [and 4 others whose names I’m trying to find!!] — and a session on “Delivering a WOW Membership Experience”, which is something our chapter wants to do to engage and increase our membership. Fortunately, my awesome friend & new accountability partner, Janelle, decided to attend the WOW Membership Experience and will blog about it to share what she learned.

As I had a late night Friday which ended in trying really hard to not melt into some super comfy couches [which was totally worth it as the evening was spent hanging out and meeting members of the #HRTribe], I decided to go to Ignite to have some fun and inspiration. Ignite moved as quickly as Disrupt so it was difficult to take notes. My big take away was similar to the recruitment session on Friday: People just want to Belong! Whether they are new to the organization, new to volunteering or the person whose been volunteering for several years?

  • We do this because others matter.
  • You can’t be in this for yourself; you need to focus on others.
  • We need to understand our audience and give them what they want, not what we think they want.
  • We need to welcome people – again People just want to Belong. Make them feel welcome.
  • We also need to work to make it better, we can’t just complain. If we aren’t going to make it better, we need to shut up.

The next session was round table discussion for small (50 or less) chapters. As I had missed yesterday’s session, I really wanted to check out the conversations and see what others were doing. And honestly, I found we are doing pretty well. I got the idea for our BAHRA tag line I shared in yesterday’s post. One leader shared that rather than doing a survey to see what members want, they hosted a planning meeting, which I think will be a great to do during our social next month. Then we talked about programming and I was able to share our successes with Speed Solutions and DisruptHR. It was fun to be able to share these 2 ideas and see other’s excitement. Hopefully others will be able to implement and find success.

I was hoping to be able to talk about some other ideas and talk about tracking members or ideas for prepaid tickets. I will probably have to reach out to my HR Tribe for some of those more detailed questions.

We heard from the new CEO of SHRM, Johnny C Taylor, and SHRM Board Chair Coretha  Rushing. Ms. Rushing shared some of the very public struggles her company has had and the lessons she has learned. Two quotes stood out:

  • In the end, everything is going to be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.
  • Start by doing what is necessary; then what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. St. Francis Assisi

The last keynote speaker was Simon Bailey, who was moving so quickly with the ideas that I couldn’t keep up with Twitter. I’m really glad I decided to actually take notes. Simon talked about Our Brilliance and how we need to start celebrating everyone’s brilliance rather than simply tolerating it. He began with 4 questions we need to ask ourselves:

  • Where have I been? Change does not happen TO you, it happens Through you.
  • Why am I here?
  • What Can I do? When the brain is worried, stressed or fearful, it slows down. Don’t think about what you can’t do or what won’t work, think about what you can do.
  • Where am I going? What is your 20 year strategic life plan?

Having implanted those 4 questions, Simon shifted to share 7 ways to ignite Bold HR Leadership.

  • Curiosity. The ability to see what’s not yet, asking quality questions.
  • Authentic Listening. Listening is definitely a lost art yet it is one of the most important skills we can have. We need to be intentional in our listening.
  • Cheetah Thinker.
  • Courageous. Who you are is BIGGER than what you do. Simon reminded us that we were born for now [which led me directly to the story of Esther. Check out Esther 4:14].
  • Unreasonable.
  • Confident
  • Connected

Simon then challenged us, thinking about the first 4 questions, which of these do we/I want to working, improve. We then found an accountability partner, someone to check in with for 5-7 minutes each week. Janelle & I will be holding each other accountable. She chose Courageous. I chose Confident.

Simon’s final words to us are the ones I think are going to stick with me because they are hitting home after a couple of, what I thought were, set backs [more later on why they are not]. Simon shared a challenge he had with his family. He said this challenge made him realize that it is more important to be significant than successful. And that is so so true at this point for me. It home when I was chatting earlier to day with Jon about our upcoming Twitter chat #HRSocialHour. What are we trying to be for our community? What need are we attempting to fill within our HR community. Is it more than just an opportunity to hangout on Twitter or is it more than that. Now we are still working on that, but honestly, Simon’s quote is hitting that again.

It is more important to be Significant than Successful. Simon T Bailey

Leadership is caught and taught and I think that was the perfect ending to a fantastic weekend.

Thank you SHRM VLS. I look forward to next year!

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