#HRSocialHour talking about our Side Gigs


We had a fantastic conversation last night! We were even trending for a while (which leads to some interesting trolling). I really love where this little chat has taken us and we now have this awesome community of folks to gather together to learn and grow.

I also have to admit that I didn’t really answer all of the questions – in my effort to connect and respond to others, some of the questions fell to the wayside, as an almost after thought for me. So, Tribe, don’t be afraid to call me out if you think I’m avoiding the questions!

I think what was great about last night’s conversations is that there were so many conversations going on. People weren’t just answering questions, but were responding to others and sharing some highs. We’ve got a lot of great blogs out there and a lot of SHRM volunteers (working to make the HR profession better, but that’s a different blog altogether!). There are some looking to move into doing more speaking or teaching.

I want to specifically share some of the posts on the challenges or questions around a side gig. Most focused on finding the time. But here’s the thing:

You FIND time for things you want to find time for, right? If your side gig (paid or unpaid) is a priority for you, you will find the time for it – which is why you will probably find me in the church coffee shop tonight doing some writing while Maggie is in confirmation.

  • Prioritizing time and focusing on finding the common thread through similar projects/asks for better delivery and presentation
  • Where do you find the time?How do you prioritize? How do you know if you’re on the right track?
  • How do you get more traffic to your blog? Without being annoying about it?
  • Follow your interests. Do things that will help you learn, stretch and grow. Remember that time really is finite. Don’t neglect your main gigs, including family and friends
  • Having an accountability partner helps so much! You don’t have to speak everyday, but you know there is someone you can go to if needed!
  • “Job craft”. Nudge side work so it creates momentum in all aspects of your life!

There was also a side conversation about Simon Sinek (who is actually going to be at WorkHuman – and if you are going, I hate you. But really I don’t, I’m just jealous, so please tweet a lot for those of us #NotAtWorkHuman) and using his latest book with your teams. I posed a question of using this just among us and many people were interested — so watch for more information. I know I won’t have time to do much on this until after #SHRM18 (already feel like I’m falling behind and it’s 4 months away!). Anyway, we’ll keep talking about it & get it done.

Again, big thanks to everyone who joined us last night! It was a great conversation & I look forward to many more!

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