#HRSocialHour: Episode 6

I had the privilege of meeting Janelle in REAL life at SHRMVLS and we just hit it off. Another social media friendship win! It was great to get to know her there and to continue getting to know her. Be sure to follow her on Twitter as she is attending a lot of conferences this year (like Work Human) & I am so looking forward to hanging out with her at SHRM18.


Fun Facts about Janelle:

What was in her glass? Trader Joe’s Sparkling Spring Water Winter Sangria

How did we connect? Connected with Jon on LinkedIn, maybe Twitter. Connected with me through Kelly Marinelli on Twitter.

How has networking helped your career? Love networking, stepping outside comfort zone. Went to a LinkedIn networking event. Creating the sense of your own community and helping people connect.

Giving back to the HR community: sharing resources and help others get educated in the profession.

Who should you follow/read?

Favorite movies: Jaws

Music: Dave Mathews Band

TV: NCIS, the original with Mark Harmon

How do you connect with Janelle?


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