#HRSocialHour: A Special, Disruptive Episode with @JenniferMcClure

I first heard Jennifer McClure speak at SHRM14 in Orlando. I’m sure it was soon after that I began to follow her on Twitter and her her blog. 4 years later and I’ve found my unofficial mentor (check our her podcast on Building Intentional Connections). I love listening to her podcast and was thrilled when she agreed to join Jon and me on our podcast. I loved hearing how DisruptHR started, talking about her podcast and networking. I especially love her idea that we all change our title Chief Excitement Officer, which perhaps I’ll use when I finally make some HR Social Hour business cards.

I’ve learned so much from her and look forward to learning more & seeing her in Chicago at #SHRM18.


Fun Facts about Jennifer

What was in her glass? Crystal Light Peach Tea (because she had her limit in Diet Coke that day!)

Favorite movies: Jerry Maguire, the “most quotable movie”

Music: Foo Fighters

TV: Game of Thrones

How do you connect with Jennifer?

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