#SHRM18: Jon & Wendy talk to Andrew @SHRMSocial

In preparation for joining the blog squad, Jon & I took some time to chat with Andrew Morton, Social Media Director for SHRM. Andrew is an Army vet who lives outside Washington DC with his wife & 3 kids.

Andrew works hard to bring more value to the conference with the blog squad and I love this quote from him: “The bloggers aren’t good because they write, tweet, post; they write, tweet post because they are good.”

He will keep the squad filled with bacon and is excited about all the different ways the squad is sharing content beyond the “traditional” blog: vlogs, podcasts, Facebook live, Instagram stories, live Tweeting. [I know I’m excited to try out some of those in my first turn as a blogger.] So looking forward to creating experiences, networking and learning a little bit in Chicago.


Fun Facts about Andrew

What’s in his glass? Peroni (in the bottle)

Andrew’s reading recommendations: Follow the SHRM Blog Lots of great writers there.

Movie: Animal House (great story on why)

Music: 80s, like Til Tuesday, a-ha Acoustic with vocal, like Alexi Murdock

TV: Lost

How to reach Andrew:

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