#ZenYourWork #SHRM18

I’ve spent quite a bit of time at the #SmartStage this morning, very intentionally. I’m enjoying the 20 minute bursts of information/learning/fun. I caught a bit of immigration, information on challenges with employees in California, a great session with Michael Wilkinson (who also spoke to Jon on #HRSocialHour) on the 3 problems we have and my favorite was really #ZenYourWork with Karlyn Borysenko, PhD. I had great WIFI access, so was able to share a lot.

There is a lot of similarities with what Cy Wakeman talks about: being aware of your emotions, being intentional about your reactions to events. You can choose your reaction, you can choose your emotions. You will be much happier at work if you let your emotion drive your experience and don’t let your experience drive your emotion.

A few more tidbits of great information:

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