#SHRM18 #NotatSHRM18 #HRSocialHour #HashtagOverload

SHRM was a whirlwind of information and connections! My favorite part this year was definitely all the connections I made. I did learn a little bit as well, but I do love the networking and getting that IRL hug (or side hug based on preference) [which honestly is weird for me because I’m not a big hugger in my real life, but get a little huggy at SHRM].


And now it is time for the first anniversary edition of our very first chat. Let’s talk about what we learned at SHRM18, at #NotatSHRM18 and keep the connections going. Join us Sunday 6/24 at 7 pm ET. And don’t forget to use #HRSocialHour as you chat so we can all participate in the conversation!

  1. What’s in your glass?
  2. How are your resolutions going?
  3. What was the highlight of your SHRM/NotatSHRM experience?
  4. What’s the biggest take away you can apply in your professional life?
  5. For those who were at SHRM: recommendations for helping those NotatSHRM get to Vegas for SHRM19?
  6. For those NotatSHRM: anything we can do better to help share information from SHRM?
  7. Where will we see you next?

Looking forward to chatting with you all soon!

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