#HRSocialHour: Episode 14 with @mjmullady

It was a pleasure to meet Michael IRL at SHRM18. It was great to hang out with him & get to know him better (even if the bus did make him late to the #HRSocialHour SHRM photo).IMG_7195


Michael has had the opportunity to work for quite a few well-known companies, but we all agreed that employee issues are probably going to be the same where-ever you go!  And it was interesting to hear him talk about the good and the bad of working for a large, well known, corporation!



Fun Facts about Michael

What’s in his glass? Yuengling

How did we connect? Twitter, of course. And Michael is the first person to mention Jon’s OTHER podcast StarJoes

Favorite movie: Godfather 1 & 2; Star Wars

Favorite music: 80s, Mumford & Sons

Favorite TV show: West Wing. Love to watch the Bachelor & snark on it with a group of friends on Facebook.

What would he do if not in HR? Teach, HR or History

How to reach Michael:


Jon & I decided we didn’t want to talk about the weather in our opening, so we talked about podcasts! Be sure to check out @RealEvilHRLady‘s article in Inc that lead to this discussion.

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