#HRSocialHour: Episode 17 with @conmkw

Jon and I had the pleasure of being on the #SHRM18Blogger squad with Mary, who is brand new to blogging (but only on Linkedin so far …). Mary joined my little group for brunch on the Saturday before SHRM and she is just as sweet and awesome as her voices sounds!


So even though she cheers for the wrong team in the NFL NFC North (and yes it is that specific), I am so happy to count her among my HR friends and contacts. She is our “number one fan” and remembers our very first Twitter Chat (which how awesome is that?)

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Fun Facts about Mary

What’s in her glass? tall glass of really cold water!

How did we connect? #NotatSHRM17 and our first Twitter chat

Mary’s recommendations:

Favorite movie: Catch Me If You Can or Shawshank Redemption.

Favorite music: A wide variety, mostly 80s and Hillsong United as her husband and daughter sing at church

Favorite TV show: the Chicago Bears

What would she do if not in HR? Teach French 🙂

How to reach Mary:

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