#HRSocialHour: Episode 16 with @CrossoverHR

I’m a little shocked that we did not get a photo with Dan Cross at #SHRM18. One of my favorite parts of going back through these episodes is remembering meeting these awesome folks in Chicago and making the real life connection. I did get to meet Dan at #SHRM16, and a photo exists somewhere … Probably in the recesses of Twitter …

Dan has been prolific on Twitter and I love connecting with him there. He is a big basketball fan and, just as I did to Anne Tomkinson, I challenged Dan to create a DisruptHR talk with a basketball theme. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

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Fun Facts about Dan

What’s in his glass? Started with water, looking forward to Dogfish Head later!

How did we connect? Next chat, of course!

Dan’s recommendations:

Favorite movie: Space Jam

Favorite music: Hip Hop: Tribe Call Quest, Eminem, Drake

Favorite TV show:  The Office (both British & American)

What would he do if not in HR? Coaching, maybe at the college level

How to reach Dan:


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