Trust: a #podcast with @garryturner0

A few months ago, I put out the call for guest posts (still accepting if anyone is interested, hint hint) and Garry Turner responded. He shared a great post with me on Connections, which is right up my alley as I seem to be all about networking lately. Garry and I had a great conversation thanks to the wonder that is the internet! During that conversation, Garry asked if I would be interested in being a guest on his podcast:  Value through Vulnerability, a podcast dedicated to putting the human back into humanity. He has a blog of the same name and also hosts a Twitter Chat called Self Care Weekly.

Garry and I touched on a number of topics and dived deep into some topics that I’m passionate about (watch for a new segment on the #HRSocialHour: #HRWonderWomen). And it is always fun to be on someone else’s podcast, everyone has their own style, but it all leads to great conversation!

Join me on Garry’s podcast! I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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