#HRSocialHour Episode 25 with @DavetheHRCzar

I’ve been following Dave for quite some time, and of course based on his Twitter user name alone, right? I got to meet Dave for the first time at SHRM VLS and he introduced me to the Moscow Mule, which has become my drink of choice if I’m not sure what kind of wine is available.

It was awesome to talk about how the working world has evolved during Dave’s time, including all the regulations and the advent of the internet and social media and the globalization of the world.

Dave is a great person to be connected with; he’s one who is always willing to help and isn’t afraid to keep the HR world moving forward! Be sure to connect with him!

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Fun Facts about Dave

How did we first connect? Twitter! “Connecting with people on Twitter … that time when you first meet somebody face to face, isn’t that marvelous?”

Who is Dave following?

Favorite movie: Animal House

Favorite musician/band: The Eagles

Favorite TV show: Chicago Fire; Chicago Med; shows that relate to Chicago.

What does he like to do if he’s not working? Riding bike

Be sure to connect with Dave on social media!

One thought on “#HRSocialHour Episode 25 with @DavetheHRCzar

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