#HRSocialHour Episode 33 with @DrKarlynB

It was great to finally get a chance to talk with Karlyn and learn more about how she decided to start Zen Your Work. (I’ve finally got the book & am enjoying the reader group she started for those who pre-ordered!) I’ve written about Karlyn’s presentations at SHRM and am looking forward to learning more from her in the future!

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Fun Facts about Karlyn

What’s in her glass? Vanilla sparkling water

Who is Karlyn following?

Favorite movie: RoboCop

Favorite musician/band: 30 Seconds to Mars

Favorite TV show: Like shows I can binge, guilty pleasure bad reality shows on Bravo

What does she like to do if she’s not working? Knit!

What would she be doing if not consulting? Something serving people

Be sure to connect with Karlyn on social media!

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