#HRSocialHour Episode 30 with @beneubanks

Ben Eubanks is one of those HR professionals I would have called “HR Famous.” Everyone in the HR social media world knows who he is. He has his own podcast (“We’re Only Human“). He’s a writer and speaker. I knew of him long before I knew him. He also made the effort to reach out to new members of the 2018 SHRM blogging team before the conference to chat for a few minutes, just to get to know us newbies a little better. And that was the telltale sign of his southern upbringing (as if the accent wouldn’t have given it away), but thankfully he never used “bless your heart” during our conversation.

Ben is one of those great, thoughtful people it is always good to know. I think you’ll agree once you’ve had a chance to listen to the week’s podcast. Don’t forget to rate & review!


Fun Facts about Ben

How did we connect? @HRecruit intro’ed Jon & Ben during a Twitter chat. Ben actually reached out to Wendy prior to #SHRM18 for a phone chat.

Ben’s recommendations:

Favorite movie: Cinderella Man

Favorite music: For King & Country, Classic Rock

Favorite TV show: Sci-Fi Nut, The 100, Agents of Shield

What would he do if not in HR?

How to reach Ben:


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