Do You Want to Play a Christmas Game? #ChristmasCarolChallenge

I love Christmas carols!! So let’s play a Christmas Game. On Twitter, I’m going to give you a mangled clue to a Christmas Carol and you are going to give me your best guess. One new carol each day through Christmas Eve.

The rules

  • Clue will be shared by 7 am. Correct answer shared by 8 pm. Central time. On Twitter.
  • One guess per person.
  • One point for your correct guess — must be the official title (official as determined by me. Shut up it’s my game).
  • One point if you include a photo or gif of the Carol.
  • Extra points if you also mangle the carol title.
  • Extra extra points if you include a short video clip of you singing the correct carol.
  • Only guesses on Twitter will be counted.

There will be a prize (not sure what it is yet) so play along!!

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