2018 in Review

I did this last year, but somehow the post got deleted — which I guess means I should be reviewing my posts more often? Or reviewing them less on the app more likely. I think it’s a good time to review the year, keep on track, set new goals and all that good stuff.

I’m going to assume these are somewhat similar to the questions I asked myself last year as I’m taking them from my old blog (mtdaileys.blogspot.com).

What did you do in 2018 that you hadn’t before? Started 2 podcasts! We are almost to the official episode 50 on #HRSocialHour and #HRWonderWomen just finished recording episode 5. It is a lot of fun to put these podcasts together, meeting new people within the HR realm.

Did you keep your New Year’s resolutions and will you make more for 2019?

  • For 2018:
  • Well, I don’t have a piano/keyboard yet but now that Jessie has expressed interest, I’m closer than I was!
  • I grew my blog through the podcast and was part of the SHRM Blog Squad. I also hosted a social media team for the South Dakota SHRM conference.
  • A new brew pub opened in town that both Rocky & I like, so we had lots of date nights! It also helps that Maggie & Jessie are old enough to stay home alone. I don’t think I had monthly dates with the girls, but we did get some good quality time together at movies, lunch dates (before I started working in Sioux Falls), and live theater with Maggie.
  • Public Speaking: I spoke at DisruptHR Denver and Omaha, ND SHRM and MN SHRM. Anne and I are working on a submission idea for SHRM Diversity and Inclusion conference for 2019. I haven’t signed up for any more Disrupt events, though we will start working on DisruptHR Brookings soon.
  • Read 30 new books. Yeah, not even close. [shrug] I need to get an audible account to fill in the drive times when I’m not listening to podcasts!
  • Back to the Bible: did pretty well, used the Bible.com to do some devotionals throughout the year
  • Will I make any for 2019? Haven’t decided yet …

What places did you visit? Lots of great trips to Denver, Chicago, Bismarck, Omaha, Minneapolis with Maggie to see Hamilton!

Any births or deaths? No

What would you like to have in 2019 that you lacked in 2018? Finding a new job in 2018 makes this one a bit harder. Overall, 2018 was a good year.

What dates will be etched in your memory? SHRM18, DisruptHR, starting my new job, probably should etch my wedding anniversary as both Rocky & I missed it this year.

What was your biggest achievement? Being invited to be a part of the SHRM18 blogging squad. Starting 2 podcasts.

What was your biggest failure?

What was the best thing you bought? The plane ticket to Denver to speak at DisruptHR Denver.

Where did most of your money go? Speaking engagements! Maybe someday I’ll get paid!

What did you get really really excited about? Seeing Hamilton with Maggie

What do you wish you had done more of? Less of? More of? Reading books; Less of? playing games on my phone. Related? Yeah, probably.

What was your favorite TV show? The Good Place

What was the best movie you saw? Avengers Infinity War, Fantastic Beasts

What did you do for your birthday? Went camping

What was the best book you read? Zen Your Work

What did you want and get? A new job.

What did you want and not get? There are a lot of material things I wanted that I didn’t get. But overall, I feel very blessed as I reflect on 2018. I got some great career opportunities through my side gig: writing and speaking on a national level. My girls are turning into wonderful people. My husband is as awesome as ever.

What kept you sane? Wine and Eponymous beer

What did you miss most in 2018? I got very nostalgic this Christmas time

What valuable life lesson did you learn? Talk less, smile more. If you stand for nothing what will you fall for? Many great lessons in the Hamilton musical, so happy Maggie & I got to see it.

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