#HRWonderWomen Episode 4 with Aiko Bethea

I was introduced to Aiko when I put a call out in a Slack group created by HRUprise. Anne and I were looking for women we haven’t spoken to, women who are doing work to support women of color, women in the LGBTQ+ community and we were putting out the request the only way we knew how: through social media. Another member of the slack group shared Aiko’s contact information and we scheduled a call. I knew nothing about her as she is not active on social media, so stalking was difficult. We spoke for about an hour. I told her about what Anne and I were doing with this podcast, she shared what she does/her passion and I knew we needed to get her on the show.

Our conversation on the podcast exceeded my expectations and I know it will for you as well!

Listen, rate & review!

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