#HRSocialHour Twitter Chat: Conference Preparation!

We’ve all been the new kid at the conference. Everyone remembers their first, right? And how many of us had a huge group of friends to help us through that first conference? Probably not many of us. I’d been going to state conferences for a couple of years before I got the opportunity to attend the national SHRM conference. And I can honestly say that those small conferences did NOT prepare me for the national conference. Now there might be some state or regional conferences that get you closer to the experience of a national conference, but the shear volume of people at the national conference will eclipse most other conferences.

I’ve written about my experience at national conferences as have many others, but once is never enough. Plus, you never quite know what you will learn from someone who hasn’t participated in past chats or written about their own experience.

Now, my absolute favorite part of conferences is meeting people, so I hope if you are at #HRRedefined19, #SoDakSHRM19, #SHRM19 or any other conference you know I’m at that you will find me and say hi. Or reach out before the conference so we can schedule time to meet (my favorite thing)!

Row 1: Jon Thurmond, Paula Harvey, Anne Tomkinson, Kyra Matkovitch, Renee Robson, Mary Williams, Wendy Dailey. Row 2: Anish Aravind, Michelle Kolhoff, Mofota Sefali, Keith Enochs, Kavi, Jazmine Wilkes stand around the SHRM18 sign
Number one reason to attend a conference? In person networking with your online friends!

So, join us on Sunday April 28, 7 pm ET for a discussion about conferences & how to get yourself ready!

  • What’s in your glass?
  • What #HR related conference are you looking forward to most this year or have you already attended it?
  • What is your top must bring item?
  • What’s your top networking tip?
  • For someone that’s new to attending conferences, what advice would you give them?
  • How can those of us in the #HRSocialHour right now be able to help you?
  • What’s your favorite conference related #HRSocialHour podcast episode?

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