Thoughts from #HRRedefined2019 @namelyHR

Disclosure: I was compensated for attending Namely’s HR Redefined conference and sharing my thoughts and commentary on the conference. No one at Namely directs what I am supposed to write or how I cover the conference – I am simply invited to share my impressions of the experience. 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week since I traveled to New York City for the 3rd annual #HRRedefined conference hosted by NamelyHR. This was my first time attending this conference and Jon & I were invited to attend as part of their media team. It was such a fun conference with lots of connections and learning. This was such a wonderful opportunity to connect with people I have known through Twitter.

Namely is helping to redefined what HR is and should be through their technology and their conference. Their software helps companies keep their employees connected and their conference helps attendees connect to each other, learning & growing together. Jon & I were able to see first hand why our partnership with Namely works so well! It’s all about Connection!

So much of the conference came down to finding ways to connect with your employees. I loved their keynotes, Shawn Achor and Val Kondos Field. Both brought a lot of positivity to the group. There were some great key take aways from the Diversity & Inclusion panels.

I learned a lot about data and ways to tell a story with the data you can get. And be sure your data is working FOR you. Are you getting the right data? Dr Eric Knudson spoke to us about using turnover data in a new way, without dumbing it down or talking over our heads.

I’ve got several folks we want to get on #HRSocialHour AND #HRWonderWomen. Jon and I are working on the connections so we can continue to share these awesome speakers with you.

But ultimately, the best part was the connections. For those with photographic proof and those without!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts from #HRRedefined2019 @namelyHR

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