#HRSocialHour Holiday Chat

As a child of the female persuasion, growing up in the 80s, if you say the word “Holiday” to me, I automatically start singing

Holiday! Celebrate! If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate, Just one day out of life, It would be (it would be so nice)

Holidays are a part of everyone’s life and each of us celebrate them in different ways. And we recognize them different at work too. I’ve worked in a variety of industries: healthcare, airline, banks, higher ed. I’ve had as few as 6 and as many as 10 (which doesn’t count the extras the governor would grant or the random days we would get because the financial institution followed the stock market’s lead). I’ve also had my birthday as a “holiday” or a “floating holiday” (what the?? anyone else have those?).

As this chat falls on a holiday, Jon & I thought it would be interesting to talk about holidays! We hope you can take a break from your long weekend (if you have one) to share. Sunday, May 26, 7 pm ET. Get on Twitter & sing a long with us & Madonna

  1. What’s in your glass?
  2. How are holidays treated in your company?
    • Extra days off
    • Use PTO/vacation time
    • What’s a holiday?
  3. If you could add a holiday, what would it be & why?
  4. Any traditions that you have for celebrating holidays in your organization that you really enjoy?
  5. If you could change something about how holidays are celebrated in your office what would it be? Why?
  6. How can those of us in the #HRSocialHour help you right now?
  7. QTG. Next month the chat will be at #SHRM19. Will you be in attendance? If not, what can we do to help you stay engaged in the conversation?

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