My #SHRM19 Top Ten

10. Brunch at Mon Ami Gabi, Paris Hotel

9. Saturday dinner at Joyful House Chinese. Almost 30 friends, old and new, joined us for an HR Social Hour dinner.

8. Twitter Take Over! I had a lot of fun taking over the Twitter account for TicketsAtWork. Jon and I have started talking about adding this as a service from #HRSocialHour.

7. Caricatures!

6. Some really fantastic sessions like Delivering Happiness (where I get to name a really Weird Thing I Love), Zen Your Work, and AI and HR.

5. Confirmation (again) that it’s all about connection. I was struck by this during the keynote by Tom’s CEO Blake Mycoskie. The story of Tom’s (which let’s be honest involves a LOT of privilege — there’s not many of us who can take time off to “find ourselves” and live overseas, even if it does lead to a great idea) is connection. “Why can’t we create a business that makes the world a better place?” Blake shared his idea for starting a shoe company that gave away a pair of shoes with every purchase with his friend who knew someone who made shoes. So even though Blake had this great idea, it took him sharing it with someone else to keep the idea alive and bring it to fruition. We are not successful on our own.

4. Jon & I sharing our story at the SHRM Emerging Professionals Super Sunday Session. We had a cheering section who kept the Tweets alive while we were speaking! We loved sharing how to Find Your Voice and a live podcast recording with Kevin Hubbard.

3. Brene Brown!

2. The very first ever live Twitter chat from the Expo Floor with a bartender and the very first ever sponsored Happy Hour with TrueWork! (Thanks Eli!)

1. This awesome group of former #HRSocialHour Guests!

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