DisruptHR: Let’s Talk About It! #HRSocialHour July Chat

As I prepare for my third DisruptHR Brookings (and go into panic mode that we won’t sell enough tickets to cover our costs — seriously Brookings people, why do you always wait until the last minute to purchase your tickets???), I’m also looking forward to our July chat on the same topic. DisruptHR is world-wide and a great way to get a lot of information in a short amount of time. I’m so excited that we have this event here in Brookings – we can show off our town and we have a great time doing its

When Jon & I were planning this year’s chats, DisruptHR (check out the site for a location near you!) seemed like a natural topic. Many in our community have been involved in someway: speaking, organizing, attending, sharing videos from the event. And what is it that attracts us all to this event? The short, fast pace to the talks? The Ted-talk like topics? The desire to see change in our profession? The challenge of giving a talk like this? A combination of many of these?

We hope you will join us to find the answer to these, and maybe learn more about DisruptHR and maybe, you’ll also want to give a talk some day. Jump on Twitter July 25, 7 pm ET and follow #HRSocialHour

  1. What’s in your glass?
  2. Have you been to a DisruptHR event? Where? Why did you decide to go?
  3. What did you enjoy most about the event? What could have been better?
  4. Have you given a DisruptHR presentation? What did you like most? Least?
  5. What impact do you believe DisruptHR has had on the profession?
  6. How can those of us in the #HRSocialHour help you right now?

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