My Top 10 #HRSocialHour Podcast Episodes

Closing out 2019, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of my favorite #HRSocialHour episodes. As I started looking through the list, I started thinking that it might be harder than I thought — scrolling through the list, I barely got to March! But I did want to narrow it down a bit, especially for You, in case you missed a few weeks and need to catch up, here’s some to start with:

  1. Episode 73: Valorie Kondos Field. Jon & I were lucky enough to hear Miss Val speak at Namely‘s 2019 conference, HR Redefined 2019. At that conference, Miss Val shared how she met her mentor John Wooden, by making the ask. When others would have made excuses for not asking, she “nagged” her husband until he finally invited Coach Wooden to dinner. How many opportunities do we miss out on because we do not simply ask? Miss Val got to #HRRedefined2019 because someone on the Namely staff made the ask and Miss Val joined us on #HRSocialHour because we also made the ask. We know you will enjoy this episode as much as we did. In 2020, I am going to ask more often for what I want, to stop waiting for the invitation.
  2. #HRWonderWomen Episode 5 with Tamara Raspberry. I am so honored to be able to count Tamara as a friend and she kicked off 2019 as the first #HRWonderWomen episode. She also joined us at #HRRedefined2019 and it was a blast to hang & learn with her. I’m looking forward to more time with her in 2020, especially at WorkHuman!
  3. Episode 67: Andrew Morton. Andrew was our first return guest. We invited Andrew back during Mental Health Awareness Month and he shared some of his own struggles with mental illness. This is one area of employee health we do not pay enough attention to and it was good to chat with Andrew about this topic to help normalize the conversation.
  4. #SHRM19 Special Episode with Kevin Hubbard. Jon & I were so excited when Callie Zipple invited us to be a part of the Young Professionals event at SHRM19 and we decided to record our first episode in front of an audience (next time we definitely need to stream it so we can say “Live in front of a studio audience). Even better, we had the opportunity to meet & record with Kevin Hubbard, a 2nd career new HR professional. It was a great way to kick off the conference!
  5. HR Florida 2019 Special. Jon & I were invited to participate in #HRFL19 as part of their social media team and we had a BLAST! Florida puts on a great conference and we had so much fun chatting with Amanda Brunson, Lorena Pabon, and Jazmine Wilkes. We also got to hang out with Jenni Stone, Anne Tomkinson, and Georgette Cartagena.
  6. #HRWonderWomen Episode 11 with Minda Harts. It’s always fun to talk with another podcaster and this was no exception. We enjoyed talking with Minda about her experiences and how it lead her to write her book “The Memo.” It a great book, and not just for women of color, but everyone in the workplace!
  7. Episode 66: Victorio Milian. We got to meet Victorio at #HRRedefined2019 (I’m sensing a theme for many of these favorites!). Victorio is an HR pro, who is passionate about inclusion & equity. I love that he speaks his mind and I also love how he answered our “what’s in your glass” question.
  8. Episode 86: Jon & Wendy talk to each other. It’s always fun to have a conversation just the two of us, catching up. We talk about what’s going on personally & professionally and answer the new Question Connection questions.
  9. Episode 84: Micole Garatti. This episode led to a deeper conversation later between Micole and me & to a blog post about hosting an inclusive holiday party. Micole has been doing some great stuff in the influencer space & I can’t wait to see where she takes it.
  10. Episode 72: Callie Zipple. Not sure what I can say here. There’s no way I could have this list without including Callie. The podcasting world is quieter without her, but I am honored to have known her. I’m glad she was able to find her voice and we can continue to have her in our lives with the interviews she recorded before she became ill.

So there you have it. Wendy’s #HRSocialHour 2019 Top Ten list. Do you have a favorite? Check these out and let me know if you agree!

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