#HRSocialHour & #JobHuntChat Crossover Chat

We’ve done crossover podcasts and chats in the past. But with our new adventure of adding a 2nd chat to our month, we knew we would need some help. It’s not easy hosting a regular chat (I’m sure Mary Kaylor would agree), but we have such an awesome community, we knew there wouldn’t be any issues with volunteers to co-host a chat. First up is a chat both Jon & I have participated in: #JobHuntChat. This chat is almost every Monday (they take a few weeks off around the holidays), 9 pm ET. They have a variety of co-hosts, rotating based on availability and topic. We talk about it a little in episode 40 with Josh Rock. Host Nicole Roberts joins us for our first chat of 2020 & we are stoked! We’ve loved getting to know Nicole more on Twitter & in person at a variety of conferences, #HRRedefined, SHRM, #WorkHuman.

This is topic is a favorite of mine and I’m excited to share it with you Sunday, January 12, 7 pm ET. Be sure to mark your calendars now! We’ll see you on Twitter!

  • What’s in your glass?
  • It’s the start of a new year.  Do you find more people tend to start a job search after the holidays?
  • When you’ve been in search, what’s worked best in finding that new job?
  • Have you worked with a recruiter to be placed before? What advice do you have to make the relationship effective?
  • What are some things you should absolutely avoid doing when in search?
  • How can those in the #HRSocialHour and #JobHuntChat help you right now?
  • Is there anyone that you’d like to recognize that has been especially helpful to you in your search (or in your career)?
Jon, Nicole, Laura & me at Namely’s HR Redefined conference May 2019.

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