What is Wendy Listening To? #PodcastingLife

I’ve added about 2 hours of drive time to my day in the last 15 months, 4-5 days a week. That’s 8 hours a week, 32 hours a month, 1600+ hours a year. That’s a lot of listening time. I haven’t listened to the radio in years. I have some music I’ll listen to, but I have found I like having someone to talk to me while I’m driving. January 2019, I started subscribing to Audible and that has been great! I was able to double the number of books I read last year that way [what did I read? Well, that’s for a different post].. But I almost always go back to a good podcast. As I am a podcaster, I thought I’d share some of my favorites, mostly HR related but definitely not all because sometimes I just want to be entertained!

  • Every Monday, I typically kick off the week by getting a challenge to join Laurie Ruettimann & Let’s Fix Work. I love Laurie’s no-nonsense style and her ability to get me to think about what we are doing differently. And she was the first person to introduce us to Andrew Yang!
  • Thursdays, even before #HRSocialHour, I listen to Jennifer McClure. I’ve talked about how much I admire Jennifer & that she is my unofficial mentor. While she introduces us to great people on ImpactMakers, I am really loving her episodes where she gives us her lists of suggestions! As it’s a podcast, it’s like she’s talking just to me over coffee, giving me great advice.
  • I also settle in to be challenged in my privilege by Sarah Morgan & her Leading in Color show. A strong, black woman, Sarah tells you, every week, what’s happening & challenges us to be better and recognize our bias to see beyond it.
  • Minda Harts does the same. But Secure the Seat takes it to the next level, and implores us to bring other women, especially women of color, as we gain seats at the table.
  • My first foray into listening to podcasts, especially HR podcasts, was one of the originals: HRHappyHour with Trish McFarlane & Steve Boese. This was the podcast i would listen to when taking walks around campus in the summer, when I worked for SDSU. They’ve managed to stay current & fresh even 10 years in.
  • A new podcast from Stephanie Ghoston Paul, Take Nothing When I Die. I loved talking with Stephanie on #HRWonderWomen and I’m loving the content she is putting in her podcast – gathering wisdom from people who have managed multiple careers and sharing it with us all!
  • Crazy & the King for all things inclusion! Julie Sowash & Torin Ellis are not mincing any words when it comes to holding businesses and people accountable to DEI!
  • Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. When my husband & I first got together & early in our marriage, we would camp quite a bit. We had a camp radio and stumbled upon Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me one evening in our favorite camp ground near Charlottesville VA. I was excited to find it as a podcast and I love that there are lots of past episodes so I never run out!
  • The Good Place. If you are a fan of The Good Place, this is such a fun podcast that takes you behind the scenes of every episode (so do not listen if you haven’t watched any episodes as there are spoilers). I have really enjoyed hearing from the wide variety of people that it takes to make a show, the writings, the set designers, the wardrobe designers, directors, producers and the actors. It’s so interesting to see how the show comes together.
  • Talent Magnet Institute with Mike Sipple Jr. I love what Mike is growing with his podcast. He is learning & growing in real time as he brings in leaders from all over to talk about what they are doing!
  • My oldest daughter is also doing a podcast as her Girl Scout Silver Award: After Girl Scouts. They are talking to former Girl Scouts to learn about their experience in Girl Scouts and how it affects their career & life today. This is a 10-episode series and the girls have done a fantastic job of putting together the interviews, and now they are editing & sharing their episodes and experiences, online & in person!

There are other shows I listen to occasionally, like Chad & Cheese, Work Human Radio, WorkTrends, Workology, Business, Life & Coffee, Drive Thru HR, Transform Your Work. There’s a ton of great content out there and I wish I had more time to listen to all of these podcasts on a regular basis. I definitely recommend checking out all of these podcasts and finding the right ones for you. This is such a great community that you can’t go wrong with any of them! (Oh, and don’t forget to check out the HR Social Hour, we’ve got some great content too 🙂

One thought on “What is Wendy Listening To? #PodcastingLife

  1. First, thanks for the mention of the HR Happy Hour! I love your list and there are so many good ones on there, including yours. I have to share that I am a HUGE “Wait Wait” fan too. I never miss that one. Cheers to all who help our drive time/ workout time/ etc.


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