Dealing with Stress During a Pandemic

Like many of you, life has changed for me. I’m working at home. The girls are schooling from home. My 45 minute commute is suspended so there’s a little more time in my day! I’m hoping to use this time to write a little more. So, good, bad, meh, I’m going to try to write more during this time.

But I need some ideas. So, as I usually do, I put the request to Twitter. And got a LOT of serious topics. Which is good. And I’ll probably pick up one of them & get some thoughts into the blog. But for today, I feel like I don’t have much to share that’s deep or profound. And so, when Wendy posted “Dealing with Stress During a Pandemic,” I decided to respond a little differently than she probably intended. And so, here’s my answer to how to best deal with stress during a pandemic:

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