#HRWonderWoman Virtual Session for #WorkHuman2020

Last summer, I was thrilled to receive notice that my #HRWonderWomen submission for Work Human Live 2020 had been accepted. Anne Tomkinson & I had submitted the idea to have a live panel discussion where we would talk with women of color and record it to share as a podcast. Anne and I had just started talking about the panel questions/outline, who we wanted to invite to be a part of it, scheduling hotel rooms, when COVID-19 started shutting everything down. And we waited for the inevitable rescheduling or canceling of Work Human, which of course came. We are invited to do the panel in 2021, which we are totally planning to. But the disappointment that we would have to wait a year to have the conversation was weighing. And as a podcast is a technically a virtual event, we decided to use the technology available to us and move forward with the conversation. Fortunately, our selected guests were totally on board with it as well. So, on a Saturday afternoon in April, we gathered via Zoom with Sarah Morgan, Elena Valentine and Tamara Rasberry and recorded our panel. And THEN we scheduled a live watch party. The video is on YouTube, so I turned it “On” and we chatted via Twitter.

The experience of watching & listening to the panel after having been a part of it was phenomenal! We had gathered emails of those interested in knowing when we went live, but the link to the panel was open to everyone. I loved the anticipation that we all had to watch the conversation, listen to what the others had to say, again. After all, none of of us have perfect memories!

I loved watching the interaction that happened as we watched together. The real-time connections that would have happened in person were happening over Twitter and for a different group than would have been in the room. I loved that our panelists were quoting each other, quoting past episodes (like we always seem to do in HRWonderWomen), and again, just connecting. And I love that the connection can continue because we were able to share the conversation virtually.

Be sure to check out the full conversation via this Wakelet.

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