Racism & Microaggressions, an #HRCommunity Chat

I am always up for a good Twitter Chat! So when my friend Wendy Kelly put out that she wanted to lead a chat on racism & microaggressions, I knew I wanted to help. It’s not easy to lead a chat and I wanted this one to be successful.

Please join us 6/2 at 7 pm ET on Twitter. Use #KHRSChat in all your Tweets so we can all follow the conversation. I hope you are ready for a tough conversation! I know I am!

  • How do you define racism and microaggression? Do you think that the two are the same?
  • Have you experienced or witnessed microaggression in the workplace? If so, please share an example.
  • Why is working against microaggressions in the workplace important? And what is the role of HR and leadership in stopping microaggressions in the workplace?
  • Is it possible for people to be overly sensitive? As HR, leaders and coworkers, what should we do about this?
  • Often, the hurt from microaggressions is unintentional. How do we acknowledge this while still addressing the harm caused?
  • How are you educating employees in your workplace about microaggressions?
  • How can the #HRCommunity do more to support anti-racism efforts?
  • What do you say to white people who are afraid to speak up or out due to fear of being attacked for saying “the wrong thing”?
  • Minneapolis City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins asked her colleagues to declare racism as public health issue, do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?
  • What other questions do you have around racism & microaggressions?

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