#NotAtSHRM20: a Twitter Chat

In February, our usual plans for SHRM changed. With SHRM changing their plans for the blog squad, Jon & I decided to take advantage of the situation and were introduced a sponsor, Paycor, (thanks to Jennifer McClure) which would definitely take our SHRM national conference experience to a different level. And then, COVID. Things were in flux for a while until SHRM finally called it and canceled the event. While we were disappointed, we didn’t let that stop us!

Jon reached out to Paycor & we kept the momentum going! They were all in for a week of #MissingSHRM20 activities, including a return of the original #NotAtSHRM Twitter Chat! We had planned to host an on-site Chat again but this will be a fun way to still connect & have a drink together.

So join Jon and me along with Paycor & Jennifer McClure for #NotAtSHRM20 Twitter Chat on 6/28 7 pm ET and don’t forget to have your Azimuth/Orange Swizzle ready to go! Check out my Facebook video for how to make the drink. 🍹

  • What’s in your glass?
  • What specific sessions or speakers are you disappointed in not being able to see?
  • Any vendors you’re missing (besides Paycor of course!)? Who has the great SWAG at their tables?
  • How do you see in person conferences changing in the era of COVID-19?  Will they in the long term?
  • A big part of conference attendance is relationship building.  How do you go about that virtually?
  • Do you have plans to attend any conferences in person or virtually in the next few months?  Which events?
  • What’s the one thing you’re most excited about when we are able to attend in person events again?
  • How can those of us in #HRSocialHour help you right now?

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