One Thing You Should Change in Your Recruitment Process today.

The past few months have caused a lot of companies to adjust processes and figure out how to do things differently to keep staff safe and physically distant from one another. But how has this affected talent acquisition? Yes, we are likely seeing more video interviews than in person, but video pre-screens have been on the rise for a while. Many companies had already moved much of the onboarding process to web-based platforms, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an organization that doesn’t have some sort of online application.

We know some are using artificial intelligence to help with screening candidates in a variety of ways, but all of this started before the pandemic, and these are all just labor-intensive processes that we’ve been trying to streamline for some time. Arguably, we haven’t done more than just put our old paper process online. 

That said, we do live in a different world now. Expectations are different, especially in terms of the employee-employer relationship. So, how do we bring this to our talent acquisition strategies?

I think the most effective change right now is the push to be transparent. We need to be willing to share processes, information, and more about our company than ever before. In exchange, I believe we will get better, strong candidates from the beginning. 

Check out my top 5 ways you can be more Transparent in your hiring process in my post on HRD Connect.

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