#HRSocialHour Twitter Chat with Talent Magnet Institute

We are so excited to be partnered with the Talent Magnet Institute for the month of August and even more excited that they are joining us for our twitter chat on August 9 at 7 pm ET. We will be chatting about some of the changes you may have made over the past months and supporting yourself.

Mark your calendar & we’ll see you on Sunday!

  • What’s in your glass?
  • What is the best piece of advice you have been given since March of 2020?
  • What do you feel is the #1 challenge you and/or your employees face right now? 
  • This year what policy or benefit has your company changed or implemented to support your employees? 
  • When it comes to learning & development, has your company changed any policies or practices that invest in their employees to learn and grow? 
  • What nonprofit or cause are you most committed to supporting? And share why?
  • How have you been taking care of yourself this year? If you feel you have not, what can you start tomorrow? Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual 

I know you want to be a better boss, right? Check out this FREE resource to support you in elevating your leadership impact! 

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