#Top5HRReads (and listen to) for August 14

Some good stuff for you to start your weekend with!

First, Francisco Reyes Pereira is a recent addition to the Twitter #HRCommunity, usually joining us at 2 am from Granada Spain for the twice monthly #HRSocialHour twitter chats and monthly trivia (which is going to force us to expand our own trivia knowledge to beyond the US boarders!). Recently he was a guest on William Tincup’s podcast “The Use Case Podcast” on Recruiting Daily talking about his company Behave4 and behavioral economics. Be sure to check out the podcast & get connected with Francisco!

It’s not easy, or normalized to be vulnerable in the business world. But we are learning that it is important for us to make it easier and to normalize conversations that encourage vulnerability. Paul LaLonde is doing just that with his post on HR Philosopher where he shares his story and journey with mental health challenges. This is work that we need to do in HR and to create the Brave Space needed (thank you Anne Tomkinson for that phrase).

You know how you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover? Well, you can’t always judge a blog post by it’s title! I love this piece by Ben Brooks on TLNT.com titled “Workin from Home Ain’t Workin.” I’ll admit, I went into it defensive! The problem is that we simply attempted to move the office into the home and that just ain’t workin!

It’s so nice to have the Hostile Work Environment Podcast back! In one of their recent episodes, Marc & Kate cover googling your candidates! While they agree you should, there are some precautions you should take, and you shouldn’t let just anyone do the googling. Note that these links are to iTunes, but you can search for them on your favorite podcast app.

One of the things that has always vexed me about recruitment is why we can’t write a decent job posting. Too often, we lazily post the full job description (yawn) or get extremely cutesy (hello rock-star ninja postings). Katrina Kibben is pretty much the only person out there working to help in-house talent acquisition teams change this. And now, she’s created a course to help you! This is an affordable, realistic course (seriously, I’m working on getting it for my work) that will help you change what you are posting today. You know you need it. Reach out to Katrina today.

So, there you have it. My top 5 recommendations for your weekend. Enjoy!

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