#Top5HRReads (& listen to) for August 21

Ending your week in my usual way now, by sharing some great things to read and listen to over the weekend.

First, everyone should watch this 13 year old boy speaking at the Democratic National Convention. As HR pros, we talk about inclusion. This is a part of inclusion that isn’t always talked about. People who have different speech patterns are looked down on, thought to not be as intelligent has others who speak smoothly. We need to give everyone the space and time to speak their words. Let’s be comfortable with the silence when someone takes longer to form their thought; let’s be thoughtful when someone’s speech pattern is different.

Olga Piehler is truly one of a kind and I love this post of hers where she shares her Journey of Becoming. I love her vulnerability!

Life is a journey.

Adam Rosenfield shares some great thoughts on Fist Full of Talent on how SHRM can turn it around and make changes needed to be relevant once again. If we’ve learned nothing else from 2020, we need to have learned the art of adjusting our sails to stay relevant in the ever changing world, to read the room and not put your foot in your mouth. [And with plenty of paid professionals, SHRM should be better prepared than anyone to handle that].

My friend Christie Engler shares a post on slowing down. And in it she includes “‘it’s not about how fast or slow you run; you’re a runner because you made the decision to put on your shoes and go.” Too often we try to be the first, or the best, but more often, we just need to do it.

Finally, if you aren’t following Jon Hyman, you really need to. He has kept his finger on the pulse of employee relations and COVID, and while his blog is mostly related to Ohio, a lot of what he shares is good, solid advice where ever you may be in the United States. His latest post focused on political messages at work, specifically around some training that came from Goodyear. Be sure to check out some of his past posts as well, but this one was good.

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