#Top5HRReads (& listens to) for September 4

She’s back! She’s back! She’s back! Jennifer McClure is back with Impact Maker episodes and she kicks off the return with Steve Browne & talking about his new book, HR Rising !!. This is a great conversation and I love hearing about Steve’s writing process.

Have you found yourself bristling at the phrase “back to the office” but aren’t sure why? I know I have. Then, I read this post by David Perks and it all fell in place for me. Check out “Why Going Back to the Office is the Wrong Language

Kayla Moncayo (HR Firebreather) is such a strong HR professional, who left her job because she didn’t agree with how they were handling Black Lives Matter. Recently, she wrote this excellent post on Conflict and getting comfortable with conflict.

Are you, like me, looking for ways to shake up HR? Be sure to check out Francisco ReyesBEHR Summit. And it’s FREE!

Reason number 527 that I love Twitter: recently Julie Turney asked if someone could connect her to Claude Silver and Claude responded! Claude has been on my radar for a while, but this really brought her back up as someone to pay attention to. Recently she shared this post on LinkedIn about paying attention to how you make people feel, which is really more important than ever!

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