#Top5HRReads (and listens to) October 2, 2020

Francisco Reyes invited me to participate in his #BEHR Summit. I shared my thoughts on a transparent talent acquisition process. Francisco brought in a lot of great speakers and if you missed it, or just want to replay, you can view them all on their YouTube channel.

Not to keep it all about Francisco today, but recently his organization did an analysis of the #HRCommunity on Twitter. It was a fascinating study of how interconnected the community is!

Keirsten Greggs has a great post on ERE.net with a simple message for recruiters: Do Not Be Racist. Should be easy, but if it were, Keirsten wouldn’t have had to write this.

Kayla Moncayo is sharing a lot of truths this year. 2020 has been really hard on HR professionals for a number of reasons and Kayla hits the nail on the head, several times, in this post.

And finally, Melanie Peacock coins a new term: Thriver Syndrome. “I’ve experienced a sense of unease because I recognize that many around us are suffering through mental health issues, financial concerns and job uncertainty (as just a few examples of the chaos and problems people are dealing with) and yet the changed landscape brought on by the pandemic has actually brought many new and wonderful experiences and opportunities to me.”

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