#HRSocialHour Twitter Chat: Neuroscience & HR

What does HR have to do with Neuroscience? Is this something we should be paying attention to? I’m going to say Yes. Good HR isn’t just about implementing policies that follow the letter of the law (and let’s be honest, the law is the minimum. We can, and should, do more). But neuroscience can be tricky. It’s complex. It’s getting into how the brain works & how it affects how we act and react.

Francisco Reyes does a lot of great work around this, and he is joining us in our next chat to talk more about it!

Join us Sunday 9/27 7 pm ET on Twitter. Don’t forget to use #HRSocialHour in your Tweets! Never participated in a Twitter Chat before? Check out this page with helpful hints!

  • What’s in your glass?
  • How are you currently answering the question “how are you?”
  • Neuroscience studies the brain, emotions, cognitive processes, etc. What kind of application would you find useful for the HR field?
  • Do you think behavioral assessments could increase DEI in orgs? If yes, how can we do it? 
  • Emotions play an important role in our decision-making processes. How do they affect your behavior in the workplace?
  • The lack of leadership seems to be another pandemic globally. What behaviors do you think a “True Leader” should display?
  • Is the HR profession your passion? If not, could it become your passion?
  • Can someone who doesn’t really like people too much be a great HR pro?

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