#Top5HRReads (& Listens to) for October 16

This week, I’m starting with 3 of my own!

First, I want to share the very first watch party that #HRSocialHour hosted. Anne and I were to go to WorkHuman Live in May 2020 to host an #HRWonderWomen panel. We had 3 awesome ladies lined up to join us. Alas, coronavirus had other plans and we were unable to gather in San Antonio. But as we are industrious folk, we gathered via Zoom and had the conversation! I am SO happy that Sarah Morgan, Elena Valentine and Tamara Rasberry joined us for this conversation. If you’d rather just listen, check out the podcast version here.

We had SO much fun with that episode, when SHRM20 also canceled, we knew we had to seize the opportunity and gathered 3 friends who are also popular SHRM speakers to join us for another virtual panel. Jon & I invited Melanie Peacock, Tracie Sponenberg and Steve Browne to join us as we talked about the process of prepping for speaking at a conference and what has changed now that we are meeting virtually. If you’d rather just listen, check out the podcast version here.

Our third virtual panel was a discussion I’ve wanted to have since the start of this recession. I’ve seen a lot of newer recruiters making the same mistakes, giving the same bad advice that I did after the first recession I worked through (2001/2002), and even the second recession (2008/2009), but now we know better and we need to BE better. Keirsten Greggs, Josh Rock & Tiffany Toussaint joined me for this conversation (Jon was supposed to join us, but was unfortunately ill). If you’d rather just listen, check out the podcast version here. We are hoping to do more, so if you have an idea for a panel discussion, let us know!

I really enjoyed this post from Bonusly on how Employee Engagement has changed in 2020. In their research, they identified 4 key themes that modern workplaces must embrace to successfully engage their teams:

Finally, I’m loving this webinar series that HRCI has been offering, Alchemizing HR. This week, October 22, they are hosting a webinar on Employee Engagement. This session will address these gaps and what HR can do to help their organizations move past these barriers. Expanding the workplace to include telecommuting and enabling employees to be part of the solution, can create a more aligned and engaged organization. Click here to get registered.

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