#HRSocialHour #HRShenanigans: The Pandemic Year #TwitterChat 11/22

We love to talk about HR Shenanigans! People can do some crazy sh!t, and let’s face it, if they didn’t many of us wouldn’t have a job! We’ve had this topic in the past, and we were thankful for Kate & Marc for covering for Jon & me as we were in the middle of the #HRFL19 5k.

Thought it would be good to remember when Employment Law was boring.

This is one of those topics we can revisit on a regular basis and in 2020, shenanigans are at an all time high (or so it seems), so join us on Sunday 11/22 at 7 pm ET, for our #TwitterChat

  • Q1.  What’s in your glass?
  • Q2.  Have you seen more #HRShenanigans in 2020 than in previous years?
  • Q3.  How do you think the pandemic and the shift to “work from home” for many have affected workplace issues?
  • Q4.  Have you had to make changes in your organization to prevent #HRShenanigans during the last year? 
  • Q5.  What recommendations would you make to those that are struggling with handling #HRShenanigans given the current environment?
  • Q6.  What’s your favorite #HRShenanigan story from 2020?
  • QTG.  Even with #HRShenanigans, as we approach Thanksgiving in the US what are you thankful for?

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