Crossover #TwitterChat! #HRSocialHour & #HRForAll December 8

Who doesn’t love a good, classic crossover? As we close out 2020, Jon & I are excited to end with 2 crossover chats on December 8 we will join Micole Garatti and Cory Kapner at their monthly #HRForAll chat. They have been hosting this through 2020 & we are thrilled to have another Twitter chat available for HR pros!

As we join Micole & Cory on Tuesday 12/8, we are excited to recap 2020 with you! We’ll share professional and personal surprises, some of our favorites.

  • Q1. Besides COVID, what was the biggest surprise in 2020 for you professionally?
  • Q2. What was your favorite #HR event/conference of 2020 (in person or virtual)?
  • Q3. What was your favorite #HRForAll or #HRSocialHour chat topic this year? Why?
  • Q4. Who have you connected with this year that more people should know?
  • Q5. What’s a book/blog/podcast that was new to you in 2020 that you’d recommend to the #HRCommunity?
  • Q6. What do you think will be the biggest challenge #HR will face in 2021 and how are you preparing for it?

So, block your calendar, set your reminders and we’ll see you on Twitter at 1 pm ET on Tuesday December 8.

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