#HRSocialHour Valentine’s Day Chat!

It’s no secret that Jon and I love social media (love? maybe a strong word), so it’s fitting that this chat falls on Valentine’s day! This chat we are joined by Steve Browne talking about social media and HR. We know social medial is a great way to make the world a little smaller (and if you are reading this you likely agree). We’ve got connections around the world and social media allows us to connect in real time.

Jon and I met on a chat and we’ve met most of you via one chat or another. So this Valentine’s Day spread the love by inviting a friend to join us on 2/14 7 pm ET on Twitter. Be sure to add #HRSocialHour to your posts and don’t forget the gifs!

  • Q1. What’s in your glass?
  • Q2. Do you remember why you decided to join social media, and Twitter specifically?
  • Q3. Why do you think some HR pros are hesitant to get active/participate in social media?
  • Q4. What are ways you have invited others to join the #HRCommunity on social media?
  • Q5. How do you decide which platforms you want to be active on?
  • Q6 How can the #HRCommunity help you with social media this week?
  • QTG. Who’s the best connection you’ve made on social media in the last year?

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