#EmployeeAppreciationDay21: #HRSocialHour & @Bonusly

Jon & I had the honor to meet Ben of Bonusly at #SHRM19 and it has led to a great relationship with Bonusly! We partnered with them in 2019 for a month of fun stuff around employee recognition, including a chat (check out the highlights here). Now, with Employee Appreciation Day (3/5) coming up, we are so excited to be partnered with them for some fun stuff including the 2/28 chat, another podcast with Raphael Crawford-Marks, and a Twitter Contest (details will be shared during the chat)!!

We are looking forward to chatting with you to learn more about what you are doing for Employee Appreciation Day and how Bonusly can help you! We hope you will join us Sunday, February 28, 7 pm ET on Twitter as we share what you are doing, what you are planning to do and what you have done. Our employees need to know they are appreciated now more than ever. Be sure to use #EmployeeAppreciationDay21 for a chance at some cool Bonusly swag!!

  • What’s in your glass?
  • How do you and your current employer show employees appreciation?
  • What challenges have you had in the last year when it comes to showing appreciation?
  • Does your organization have an employee appreciation tool or platform?  Have you had one in the past?
  • What are some ideas for personalization you’ve used to show employee appreciation?
  • How do you like to be recognized for a job well done?
  • Do you have something specific scheduled for Employee Appreciation Day?
Jon & Wendy pose with the #SHRMFern brought to #SHRM19 by Bonusly.

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